Archiving and scanning in Bonn

Scanning Bonn

Scanning and archiving

Our scanning Bonn service for you directly in the vicinity of the University of Bonn:

We scan your documents, both as PDF files and in all other common formats. Whether applications, contracts, files, plans or other documents. We digitalize everything for you, from the size of a passport photo up to a size of A0+. No matter what you want to have digitally, it should not be framed or mounted on a plate.

Scanning and editing

By the way, we can also offer you texts as OCR in Word format. Of course, mistakes creep in from time to time, but it is possible with us.

Folder scanning and archiving

You can also bring us entire files, this is also no problem for us, we will do it for you. According to your wishes, we divide the pages as you find them in your file folder. If sheets are stapled together, we unstaple, scan and staple them together again afterwards.